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The first step it to make a ‘mother tincture’ which is the typical strength of an herbal medicine. To do this, one part of the medicinal substance is mixed with nine parts of 35% alcohol. This is a 1/10 dilution.  It is the first step in creating a homeopathic remedy. If the substance is a mineral then it is ground with sugar into a fine powder.

One part of this tincture is then mixed with ninety-nine parts of distilled water and then shaken vigorously (this shaking is known as ‘succussion’). This is now called the 1c dilution. It is a 1/1,000 dilution, which is never used as a medicine, because it is considered too weak.

In the next step, one part of the 1c is taken and mixed with another ninety-nine parts of distilled water and succussed, creating a 2c dilution potency. This process is repeated four more times to create the 6c potency. A 6c dilution is also considered to be a ‘weak dose’, but, therapeutically, it can be taken by a patient up to four times a day. The 6c potency has one part of the original substance in 10,000,000,000,000 parts of water.

The 30c potency means that 24 more dilutions are made to the 6c dilution and this new concentration is one part of the original substance in 1, followed by 60 zeros, parts of water.

The 30c dilution will have a medicinal effect for about one day in a very severe first aid or acute ailment and up to three weeks in a mildly acute or chronic illness. The safe way to use a remedy at the 30c strength, is to repeat it only when symptoms start to return or when the healing process has stalled, meaning there has been no further positive change for an extended period of time.  In a first aid situation, you will be able to discern if improvement has stalled within the day.  If you are not sure, however, wait a few more hours to see if improvement continues.  If not, repeat the same remedy.

The strongest homeopathic doses are much smaller concentrations such as a 200c potency: This means that there is one part of the original substance in: 1,(followed by 200 zeros) parts of water. This number is so small there is no name for it.

It is not recommend that medicines, of the 200c strength or higher, be used without consultation with a highly trained homeopathic practitioner.

There are also 1,000c (1M) and 10,000c (10M) dilutions. These dilutions are rarely used, as one dose will last for months and the illness that it is used for needs to have met various criteria in order to warrant such a far-reaching treatment program.

The paradox of smaller and smaller doses, which have stronger and stronger medicinal action, has unfortunately kept homeopathy out of mainstream scientific medicine. As Hahnemann says below, it is only through the effect of the remedy that we can know about its ability to cure illness or to deal with physical trauma, acute illness and chronic illness.

20   It is impossible only through the efforts of the intellect to recognize the vital force itself, which, hidden in the intimate essence of the medicines, gives them the power to change the way people feel and thereby to cure diseases. It is only through its effect (of the remedy) on the human economy that we may experience and clearly perceive it.
~ The Organon of Medicine ,  Samuel Hahnemann

Hopefully, one day, science will discover that these medicines do contain small particles or ‘strings’ of energy, which may contain matter, energy, or other information. The reason that the smaller particles or strings have greater effect is because smaller doses have the ability to pass through cell walls in order to reach the part of the cell that needs the medicine in a  dose that is still pure, effective and non-toxic.

For example, a common homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum is created from table salt – sodium chloride. This medicine has – with great success – often been used for seemingly hopeless chronic ailments for people who were using salt every day in their diet.

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